"The Center for Business and Public Policy at the University of Illinois has an outstanding faculty and staff with true vision as to how an academic institution can have an impact that goes well beyond the quality of its academic research. I have been impressed with the nature and success of the events they have hosted which have brought public policy experts to the U. of Illinois campus to present and interact with faculty, students, and the broader local community. The Center’s professors are an incredibly talented and engaging group of scholars who have been and continue to be very active in the real making of public policy, and who are a crucial part of the Center’s capacity to provide the students with a uniquely holistic educational experience."

Diane Lim Rogers, Ph.D.
Chief Economist, The Concord Coalition

"The speaking opportunities offered by the Center provide just as great a benefit to visiting policy makers as they do to University audiences. The atmosphere of the events is conducive to deeper reflection and exchange than is typical for public events in Washington. I was also given the chance to interact with many academic experts and interested students, who offered insights and stimulating questions of a character hard to find within the D.C. beltway. I hope that the Center will continue to hold and to expand these events, to the mutual benefit of government officials and the academic community."

Charles P. Blahous, III, Ph.D.
Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
Deputy Director of the White House National Economic Council