The Center for Business and Public Policy proudly showcases the research publications of our Faculty Associates. Please see a selection of their publications below, or to view a more detailed list of works, visit the faculty profile page to navigate to individual biography pages.

Rajshree Agarwal

"Heterogeneous Resources and the Financial Crisis: Implications of Strategic Management Theory."
Strategic Organization, Forthcoming. (July 28, 2009). With Barney, Jay B., Foss, Nicolai J. and Klein, Peter G.
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"The Process of Creative Construction: Knowledge Spillovers, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth."
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Forthcoming. With Audretsch, David B. and Sarkar, M. B.
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"Reputations for Toughness in Patent Enforcement: Implications for Knowledge Spillovers via Inventor Mobility."
Strategic Management Journal. (December 1, 2007). With Ganco, Martin and Ziedonis, Rosemarie Ham
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"Knowledge Transfer Through Inheritance: Spinout Generation, Development, and Survival."
Academy of Management Journal. 2004, Vol. 47, No. 4, 501–522. With Raj Echambadi, April Franco, MB Sarkar.
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Jeffrey Brown

“The Interaction of Public and Private Insurance: Medicaid and the Long-Term Care Insurance Market.”
American Economic Review, 98(3):1083 – 1102. June 2008. With Amy Finkelstein.
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“Why Don’t People Insure Late Life Consumption? A Framing Explanation of the Under-Annuitization Puzzle.”
American Economic Review, 98(2): 304-309. May 2008.
With Jeffrey Kling, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Marian Wrobel.
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“Guaranteed Trouble: The Economic Effects of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.”
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 22, No. 1, (Winter 2008), pp. 177-198.
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“Annuities and Individual Welfare.”
The American Economic Review, Vol 95, No. 5, December 2005, pp. 1573 - 1590.
With Tom Davidoff and Peter Diamond.
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"Does the Internet Make Markets More Competitive? Evidence from the Life Insurance Industry.”
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 110, No. 3, June 2002, pp. 481 - 507. With Austan Goolsbee.
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Dhammika Dharmapala

"Which Countries Become Tax Havens?"
Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming. With James R. Hines Jr.
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"Corporate Tax Avoidance and High Powered Incentives"
Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 79, 2006, pp. 145-179. With Mihir A. Desai.
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"Corporate Tax Avoidance and Firm Value"
Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 91, 2009, pp. 537-546. With Mihir A. Desai.
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“Taxes, Institutions, and Foreign Diversification Opportunities”
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 93, 2009, pp. 703-714. With Mihir A. Desai.
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Don Fullerton

"Distributional Effects of Environmental and Energy Policy: An Introduction."
NBER Working Paper No. 14241, August 2008
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"The General Equilibrium Incidence of Environmental Taxes."
Journal of Public Economics, 91 (2007): pp. 571-591. With Garth Heutel.
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"The General Equilibrium Incidence of Environmental Mandates."
NBER Working Paper No. 13645, 2007, With Garth Heutel.
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"Environmental Investment and Policy with Distortionary Taxes and Endogenous Growth."
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 56 (2008), pp. 141– 154, With Seung-Rae Kim
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"The Economics of Pollution Havens."
Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers, 2006
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Charlie Kahn

"Why Pay? An Introduction to Payments Economics."
Journal of Financial Intermediation
, (18) January: 1-23 2009. With W. Roberds.
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"Payments Settlement: Tiering in Private and Public Systems."
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, (41) August: 5 855-884 2009. With W. Roberds.
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"Credit and Identity Theft."
Journal of Monetary Economics, (55) March: 251-264 2008. With W. Roberds.
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"Bank Consolidation and the Dynamics of Consumer Loan Interest Rates."
Journal of Business, (78) January: 1, Part 2 99-133 2005. With G. Pennacchi, B. Sopranzetti.
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"Low Revenue Equilibria in Simultaneous Ascending Price Auctions."
Management Science, (51) March: 3 356-371 2005. With R. Engelbrecht-Wiggans.
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Richard Kaplan

"A Guide to Starting Social Security Benefits."
Journal of Retirement Planning, July-August 2008; U Illinois Law & Economics Research Paper No. LE08-025
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"Federal Tax Policy and Family-Provided Care for Older Adults."
U Illinois Law & Economics Research Paper No. LE06-003;
Virginia Tax Review, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 509-562, Fall 2005
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"Who's Afraid of Personal Responsibility? Health Savings Accounts and the Future of American Health Care." McGeorge Law Review, Vol. 36, p. 535, 2005; Illinois Public Law Research Paper No. 05-12;
U Illinois Law & Economics Research Paper No. LE05-025
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"Retirement Planning's Greatest Gap: Funding Long-Term Care."
Lewis & Clark Law Review, Vol. 11, No. 407, 2007; U Illinois Law & Economics Research Paper No. LE07-019;
Illinois Public Law Research Paper No. 07-14
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"Means-Testing Medicare: Retiree Pain for Little Governmental Gain."
U Illinois Law & Economics Research Paper No. LE06-019; Illinois Public Law Research Paper No. 06-10;
Journal of Retirement Planning, May-June 2006
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Ron Laschever

“The Doughboys Network: Social Interactions and the Employment of World War I Veterans,”
working paper, University of Illinois.

“Brothers In Arms: The Effect of Social Networks on the Employment of Veterans of the Union Army,”
working paper, University of Illinois.

“When They're Sixty-Four: Peer Effects and the Timing of Retirement,”
working paper, University of Illinois. With Kristine Brown.

“Keeping Up with CEO Jones: Benchmarking and Executive Compensation,”
working paper, University of Illinois.

Darren Lubotsky

“Kindergarten Entrance Age and Children’s Achievement: Impacts of State Policies, Family Background, & Peers.”
Journal of Human Resources, Volume 44, Number 3 (Summer), 2009, With Todd Elder.
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“Chutes or Ladders? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Earnings.”
Journal of Political Economy, Volume 115, Number 5 (October), 2007, pp. 820-867.
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“Economic Status and Health in Childhood: The Origins of the Gradient.”
American Economic Review, Volume 92, Number 5 (December), 2002, pp. 1308-1334.
With Anne Case & Christina Paxson.
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Nolan Miller

"The Impact of the World Food Price Crisis on Nutrition in China."
Agricultural Economics. Forthcoming. With Jensen, R.

"Gffen Behavior and Subsistence Consumption."
American Economic Review, 98: 1553-1577. 2008.
With Jensen, R.

"Advertising Budgets in Competitive Environments."
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 5: 131-161. 2007.
With Pazgal, A.

"Mechanism Design with Multidimensinal, Continuous Types and Interdependent Valuations."
Journal of Economic Theory, 136: 476-496. 2007. With Zeckhauser, R., Johnson, S., Pratt, J.

George Pennacchi

"Harming Depositors and Helping Borrowers: The Disparate Impact of Bank Consolidation"
The Review of Financial Studies, v 22 n 1 2009. With Kwangwoo Park.
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"Deposit insurance, bank regulation, and financial system risks"
Journal of Monetary Economics, 53 (2006) 1–30.
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"Risk-based capital standards, deposit insurance, and procyclicality"
Journal of Financial Intermediation, 14 (2005) 432–465
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"The Value of Guarantees on Pension Fund Returns"
The Journal of Risk and Insurance, 1999, Vol. 66, No. 2, 219-237.
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"Loan Sales and the Cost of Bank Capital"
The Journal of Finance. Vol. XLIII, No. 2. June 1988.
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Elizabeth Powers

“The Impact of Minimum Wage Increases: Evidence from Fast-Food Establishments in Illinois and Indiana.” Journal of Labor Research. Forthcoming
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"The Incredible Shrinking Program: Trends in SSI Participation of the Aged."
Research on Aging 2006; 28; 341. DOI: 10.1177/0164027505285918. With Todd E. Elder.
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“Supplemental Security Income, Labor Supply, and Migration,”
Journal of Population Economics, pp. 447-79. 2006. With David Neumark.

Scott Weisbenner

“Individual Investor Mutual Fund Flows,”
Journal of Financial Economics, 2009. Forthcoming. With Zoran Ivkovich
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“The Effect of Inheritance Receipt on Retirement Decisions.”
Review of Economics and Statistics, 2009. Forthcoming. With Jeffrey R. Brown and Courtney Coile
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“Portfolio Concentration and the Performance of Individual Investors.”
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 43, No. 3, 2008, p. 613-656. With Zoran Ivkovich and Clemens Sialm.
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“Neighbors Matter: Causal Community Effects and Stock Market Participation.”
Journal of Finance, Vol. 63, No. 3, 2008, p. 1509-1531. With Jeffrey R. Brown, Zoran Ivkovich, and Paul A. Smith
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“Individual Account Investment Options and Portfolio Choice: Behavioral Lessons from 401(k) Plans.”
Journal of Public Economics., Vol. 91, 2007, p. 1992-2013. With Jeffrey R. Brown and Nellie Liang.
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