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IGPA - Institute of Government and Public Affairs
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The Institute of Government and Public Affairs seeks to improve public policy and government performance by producing and distributing cutting-edge research and analysis of public policy issues and providing public engagement that enlightens and educates elected officials, students and the general public. The institute was created in 1947 by resolution of the Illinois General Assembly.

IGPA is distinct among premier policy research units because of its dedication to public service. Its work not only advances knowledge but also provides practical assistance to government and public policy makers. The faculty and professionals at IGPA are dedicated to responding rapidly to the challenges facing society and assisting government to meet those challenges. They are also out front with innovative research, cutting-edge education, pragmatic training, and informed consultation. IGPA faculty hold joint appointments with departments such as political science, economics and sociology.

IGPA focuses on critical issues in governance, health policy, public finance, race and public policy and social policy. These programs, along with our study centers, foster research and programs of public engagement which further IGPA’s goal to enhance government’s ability to serve the public good by having a thorough understanding of policy issues.

Epstein Program in Health Law and Policy
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The Health Law and Policy Program was established at the College in 2001. Thanks to a recent gift by alumnus Jon David Epstein '67, and his wife, Beth, the program is now the first alumni-named and supported program at the College of Law — The Jon David and Elizabeth A. Epstein Health Law and Policy Program. Jon David Epstein is a partner and co-head of the Health Law Section of Vinson & Elkins, LLP in Houston, Texas.

The program promotes cutting-edge research, policy analysis, and public service/public engagement on critical issues in health care, promotes collaboration between scholars focused on health law and policy, and facilitates collaboration among government leaders, practitioners, and academic researchers on issues of increasing complexity. The program faculty are currently partnering with other universities, both domestically and abroad, on a variety of research projects.

The program faculty are currently partnering with other universities, both domestically and abroad, on a variety of research projects. The Epstein Health Law and Policy Program has established partnerships with various units on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, including the College of Medicine, the Department of Community Health, and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs for various research and public service projects.

Cline Center for Democracy
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The Richard G. and Carole J. Cline Center for Democracy at the University of Illinois engages in a series of activities designed to understand, refine and nurture democratic political orders. The Cline Center’s orientation is global and its raison d’etre is to enhance the capacity of democracy to advance societal welfare. So conceived, the work of the Center contributes to an enlightened, 21st century conception of the University of Illinois’ land grant mission. The Center’s focus is on democracy because, more than any other form of government, it provides the structure, stability, and dynamism needed to harness human and natural resources for the well-being of society. Promoting democracy has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy since Woodrow Wilson’s presidency.