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Gernot Wagner
Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Facing the Elements: Doing Business in the Age of Climate Risks

Gernot Wagner serves as lead senior economist at the Environmental Defense Fund. He teaches energy economics as adjunct associate professor at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs.

Panelist Include:

Jeffrey R. Brown, Josef and Margot Lakonishok Professor in Business and Dean

Don Fullerton, Gutgsell Professor in Finance and IGPA

Morton Lane, Director, Master of Science Financial Engineering



Terry Anderson
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free Market Envoronmentalism: Unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurship

Terry Anderson is the William A. Dunn Distinguised Senior Fellow and former President and Executive Director of the Property and Environment Reserach Center as well as the John and Jean De Nault Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

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Charles Calomiris
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Political Origins of Banking Crisis

Charles Calomiris is Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions at the Columbia Graduate School of Business and a Professor at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs. He is a member of the Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee and the Financial Economists Roundtable, and a Research Associate of NBER.



Luigi Zingales

Luigi Zingales
Friday, April 26, 2013

Recapturing the Lost Genius of American Prosperity

Luigi Zingales is the Robert C McCormack Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance and the David G. Booth Fellow, University of Chicago

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Nobel Laureate Peter Diamond
Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unemployment and Government Debt

We have an unemployment crisis and a debt problem. Unfortunately, many in government are acting as if we had a debt crisis and only an unemployment problem.  Peter Diamond, the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Economics, will explain why.  Peter is a Institute Professor in the Department of Economics at MIT.

Co-sponsored by: Department of Economics, ILLINOIS

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Austan Goolsbee
Tuesday, October 25, 2012

America's Economy and the World: Why the Long Face?

Austan Goolsbee is the former Chairman of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers and Director of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Sponsored by: Department of Economics, ILLINOIS



stephen moore

Stephen Moore
Monday, October 1, 2012

Return to Prosperity? Tough Choices for the Next President

Stephen Moore is a Senior Economics Writer of the Wall Street Journal and ILLINOIS Alumnus

Fred Giertz - Professor of Economics and Director of IGPA
Richard Kaplan- Peer and Sarah Pedersen Professor of Law
Elizabeth Powers - Associate Professor of Economics and IGPA

Financial Support by: ACLGF

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John Campbell
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mortgage Market Design

What are the causes and consequences of cross-country variation in mortgage market structure? Drawing insights from urban economics, asset pricing, behaviorial finance, financial intermediation, and macroecomics, John Campbell argues that the United States has much to learn fro the experience of other countries, and calls for deliberate experimentation with mortgage market design. John is the Morton L. and Carole S. Professor of Economics and Department Chair at Harvard University.

Co-sponsored by: Department of Economics, ILLINOIS

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Kevin Warsh
Monday, March 12, 2012

Tough Calls: An Insider's Account of the Financial Crisis

Kevin Warsh was a Member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors from 2006-2011 and Fed's Chief Liaison to Financial Markets.

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Douglas Holtz-Eakin
Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making it to 2020: Public Policy Problems Facing the United States

Douglas Holtz-Eakin is the Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office and Chief Economist of the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

Co-sponsored by: Institute of Government and Public Affiars at the University of Illinois

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Corporate Response to Regulation: The Impact of Government Regulation on Business
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Government regulation, policies, fees and taxes directly impact a corporation's ability to create jobs, provide affordable goods and services to its customers and protect its investors funds. Hear from multiple industry respresentatives about the impact of government regulation and policy has on their industry.

Distinguished Guests:
Edward B. Rust, Jr., Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, State Farm Mutual
Roman Kulich – President Coventry Healthcare/GHP/PersonalCare
Tom McCormick - Group Compliance & Ethics Officer, BP

Co-sponsored by: Hoeft Technology and Management Program, College of Business, with financial support provided by State Farm.

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Environmental Regulation: Building a Low-Carbon Economy
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Many experts are suggesting that cleaner, smarter energy lies at the heart of the solution to address climate change. However, developing a framework to move forward seems unattainable. Panel members will look at the future of energy use, its role in creating a low carbon economy and discuss future energy policies and regulations that will be needed to tackle climate change.

Distinguished Guests:
William A. Von Hoene Jr. - Executive Vice President, Finance and Legal, Exelon Corporation.
Mark Brownstein - Deputy Director of the Energy Program, Environmental Defense Fund.
Jon Anda - Vice Chairman and Head of Environmental Markets, UBS Securities.

Co-sponsored by: College of Business MBA Program, College of Business, with financial support provided by State Farm.

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financial Financial Regulation: Preventing Another Crisis
October 12, 2010

The United States experienced one of the worst financial crises since the 1930s. Congress has taken on the charge of restructuring financial regulation in dramatic ways. Industry speakers will share their perspective on the current regulatory structure and discuss the future of financial regulation.

Distinguished Guests:
Chester Spatt - Pamela R & Kenneth B Dunn Professor of Finance, Carnegie Mellon University, and Former Chief Economist and Director of the Office of Economic Analysis in the U.S. SEC.
Andrew Busch - Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist, BMO Capital Markets', Senior Fellow of the Illinois Policy Institute and American Action Forum Expert.
Greg Ip, U.S. Economics Editor, The Economist

Co-sponsored by: College of Business Finance Academy, College of Business, with financial support provided by State Farm

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understanding Understanding Regulation: Doing Business in 2010
September 21, 2010

Government regulation is a complicated and mysterious process that affects the lives of Americans. Few people know what goes on in Washington as Congress, lobbyists and other groups fight fight over rules and legislation.

Distinguished Guests:
Cindy Skrzycki - Senior Lecturer in English, University of Pittsburgh, and author of The Regulators: The Anonymous Power Brokers Who Shapre Your Life.
Susan Dudley - Director, Regulatory Studies Center and Research Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration and Former Adminstrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the U.S. OMB from April 2007-January 2009.
Beth Milnikel - Director of the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship, Univeristy of Chicago, and author of Regulatory Field.

Co-sponsored by: College of Business Undergraduate Honors Program, College of Business, with financial support provided by State Farm.

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Who Controls Your Health Care: a Debate on Free Markets vs. Government
March 9, 2010

Distinguished Guests:
Michael Tanner - Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, and
Steffie Woolhandler - Professor of Medicine at Harvard and co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program.

Co-sponsored by : ACLGF

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climatepolicy What to do about the World's Climate: Prospects for Action in the US and Abroad
November 3, 2009

Hear from a panel of environmental experts discussing global warming, the prospects for an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and what policies each country can use to meet its commitment.

Distinguished Guests:
Charles Kolstad - Economics Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Nathaniel Keohane - Director of Economic Policy and Analysis, Environmental Defense Fund
Don Fullerton - Gutsgell Professor of Finance, ILLINOIS and IGPA

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Fiscal Wake Up Tour

April 14, 2009

Building on the acclaim of the award winning documentary I.O.U.S.A., a group of distinguished panelists from Washington D.C. will discuss how today’s fiscal choices and rapidly growing national debt are directly impacting long-term US economic stability...will what’s left in your wallet be enough to fund your future, and will America mend its spendthrift ways?

Distinguished Guests:
Andrew G. Biggs - Resident Scholar, The American Enterprise Institute
Diane Rogers - Chief Economist, The Concord Coalition
David Certner - Director of Federal Affairs, AARP

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Charles P. Blahaus, III
October 15, 2008

Charles P. Blahous, deputy assistant to the president for economic policy and deputy director of the White House National Economic Council presented a lecture entitled “Supporting an Aging Society: The Flight from Responsibility."

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Peter R. Orszag
April 22, 2008

Health Care: Capturing the Opportunity in the Nation's Core Fiscal Challenge

His four-year term began on January 18, 2007. Before joining CBO, Orszag was the Joseph A. Pechman Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution. In previous government service, Orszag served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Senior Economic Adviser at the National Economic Council during 1997 and 1998. Earlier, he served as a staff economist and then Senior Adviser and Senior Economist at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

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